Task 2.5: Install a Clements-style outhouse.

br0025.jpgAt the Clements Cemetery.


To complete the sense of visiting an artifact of the 19th Century it would be most appropriate for the site to include an outhouse of the type used throughout Clements and the surrounding area until very recent times. In addition, it would be the least expensive comfort station available.

Placing a traditional Clements toilet at the end of a not-too-long path (perhaps even a gravel path), preferably on the south side of the bridge, would certainly make a visit less problematical, while adding its own dose of authenticity to the experience.

A traditional pit toilet may not meet current public health standards, but would certainly be an improvement over the current practice of finding a bush. The outhouse at the Clements Cemetery functions satisfactorily in the only other local public venue.

Accomplished by:

If no one remembers how to build a privy, and why should they, there are plans available. Volunteers go to third world countries to build them; why not here? If public health concerns require something more modern, I suspect we will end up with something more primitive, the bushes.

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