Task 2.4: Install picnic table(s) and trash can(s).


There are two or three appropriate places where picnic tables and trash cans could be installed. Since the north bank has a gentle slope down to the water there are some pleasant spots there where picnic tables could be placed, or you can spread a blanket and look up at the bridge while picnicking. Since the south bank is very steep any picnic area on the south side would have to be completely above the bank, meaning it would also be very accessible to visitors with mobility problems. It would be an appropriate place for a picnic table, for people who cannot or do not want to sit on the ground.


Any picnic area also requires trash cans. One near each picnic table or one by the parking area should suffice.


There are a number of areas by the bridge where a visitor may want to spend some time simply sitting and viewing the bridge, the river, the bird life, or whatever; or sketching, painting, or photographing. A few very simple benches placed in strategic spots would accommodate the desire for rest and contemplation. A formal park bench would probably be too elaborate and too expensive for this purpose, and a more rustic bench would suit the site better.

Accomplished by:

This would be an opportunity for local craftsmen to create public facilities. Designs for simple wooden picnic tables abound, likewise for garden benches. Trash cans, on the other hand, would need to be resistant to vandalism, which would probably mean they should be standard park and playground furniture, set in concrete, and installed by the County.

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