Task 2.2: Install parking area.


Looking at the bridge from a car is hardly enough. There needs to be some attention given to parking, turning around, and returning to the main road. Currently, visitors park on the north side of the bridge on the shoulder of the access road. The entrance to the residence driveway gets used for turning around or even for parking.


Parking on the access road shoulder works fairly well for cars, as long as there are not too many of them, but it simply cannot handle large vehicles. If the Phase 1 improvements are successful, the number of visitors will only increase; more particularly, the number of tour busses will increase. So the present access and parking situation cannot be allowed to continue.


The width of the approach road right-of-way is 60 feet, as are all the rights-of-way in area. However, at and near a bridge the right-of-way is traditionally wider than elsewhere, sometimes much wider. However, no record of the right-of-way width at the bridge is known to exist, and no monuments have been found.


It is unlikely that any satisfactory parking and turnaround facility can be constructed without some acquisition of private land.

Accomplished by:

This will necessarily be a collaborative effort between the County authorities and the adjacent property owners. Research on right-of-way width may show exactly where the public property ends and the private property begins, indicating how much, if any, additional land is needed. Site control could be in the form of permanent easement or pubic ownership through purchase or donation. In large part the success of this task depends on the support of the adjacent land owners.

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