Task 1.5: Replace traffic barricade.


A traffic barricade stands on the north approach to the bridge to prevent vehicles from driving over the bridge. Replace the huge utilitarian barricade with a signboard describing the structure and history of the bridge, and which incidentally prevents vehicles from driving over the bridge.


BarricadeTraffic safety overkill



The only persons approaching the bridge are persons intending to visit the bridge, who intend to stop anyway, and the occupants of the residence to the right, who come here to reach their driveway.

Accomplished by:

The County and the Historical Society could collaborate on creating an informative kiosk or sign board that could take the place of the traffic barricade, giving the historical society a venue for reaching the curious tourist — and preventing a vehicle from driving over the bridge. The visitor’s experience could be enhanced by providing some basic information about the history of the community and the bridge, the engineering techniques used, and the current local economy and demographics.

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