Task 1.3: Replace any missing baluster stones with new stone.


In the event that a baluster stone has been completely lost, replace it with a new stone. The nearby quarry from which the bridge was originally built is still open, though inactive, so a correct match for the stone should present no difficulty. There are other, commercial sources of stone available, as well.


Southeast wing wallStone in southeast wing wall appears to have fallen out.



A new stone obviously needs to be fitted into the side of the southeast wing wall. The large stone above the vacant space presents some mysteries of its own. It is not mounted level, does not fit properly against the adjacent stone, and is far larger than any of the stones around it. Further examination may show that it, too, was taken from where it belongs and not returned correctly.

Accomplished by:

The personnel and equipment requirements of Tasks 1.1 and 1.2 would apply to this task as well.

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