Task 1.1: Replace baluster stones in their correct positions.


A number of the highest baluster stones have been removed to allow house moving over the bridge. The baluster stones were not returned to their original positions: some were even placed on the ground completely away from the bridge. Careful examination of the dimensions and surface finish of the baluster stones shows that a number of them are not in their correct position. The dimensions and finish of the misplaced stones should also indicate their proper location.


Off center stoneCapstone nudged slightly out of position.


Accomplished by:

The personnel and equipment requirements of Task 1.2 would apply to this task as well.


To facilitate this task, an analysis has been undertaken. Each of the top stones on each baluster has been photographed and measured. Both visually and by examining the dimensions, it can be seen that a number of the stones are out of position. Some are simply twisted slightly from their proper position (see above); some have been removed from the baluster, then put back in the wrong position; and two of the stones have been removed from the baluster and placed on the ground completely away from the bridge.


Careful analysis of the top baluster stones made it possible to solve the stone puzzle and put the stones back where they were originally. A brief description of the task and 'before and after' images can be seen in the baluster solution.

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