Phase 1: Baluster and wing wall restoration.


The purpose of this phase is to restore the upper part of the bridge to its original visual appearance. The most obvious visual impact on the bridge came from removing some of the baluster stones, degrading the visual effect the designer intended to create. There are also some joints in the northern wing walls that have opened up due to subsidence.


This plan presents this phase in a number of distinct tasks, although they could be combined or divided in other ways.


Task 1.1: Replace the baluster stones that have been removed, relocated, cast aside, or otherwise tampered with over the years. The work completed to date is described in the description of this task. 


Task 1.2: Address the stones in the wing walls that have been pushed out of their correct position as a result of subsidence or some other force within the bridge structure. [Reassigned to Phase 3.]


Task 1.3: In the cases where a stone has been removed and lost, particularly the southwest wing wall that was nearly destroyed by the floating tree in 2009, install new stone from an appropriate source so that it matches the appearance of the original as well as possible. [Reassigned to Phase 3.]


Task 1.4: Rehabilitate the road surface over the bridge where it has eroded and washed away to the point that the top of some of the arch stones are visible. [Reassigned to Phase 3.]


Task 1.5: Remove the traffic barricade at the north end of the bridge and replace it with something of more appropriate scale and design. [Reassigned to Phase 2.]

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