Damage comes from natural causes as well.  During a flood in the Summer of 2009 what must have been a very large floating tree smashed into the upstream wing wall of the southern approach causing unprecedented damage. No one saw this happen, but the blow was so great that many stones were dislodged and fell into the river. Part of the roadbed slumped into the river as well. 


 Damage to wing wall and road bed



 The image at left was taken shortly after the incident by the local newspaper photographer. The river is still high and the rain continues. The picture reveals that the interior of the bridge approach structure is not filled with stone rubble or gravel, but with ordinary soil. 

The County, owners of the bridge, moved quickly to prevent complete collapse of the south approach. They filled the damaged area with a rough riprap, as shown in the image below, which should protect it from further erosion. The graceful appearance of the south approach is forfeited, but the bridge is saved. 
SW rip rap



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