Chase County's Other Stone Arch Bridges

Diamond Creek Stone Arch Bridge

Diamond Creek bridge

This bridge crosses Diamond Creek northeast of Elmdale at -96.636087, 38.398895.

The designers of this bridge had a serious problem to deal with: one bank of the creek was much higher than the other. They built a high arch for the high bank and a lower arch for the lower side. Although their solution worked, it resulted in a inelegant, asymmetrical structure.

The bridge still carries traffic but is in danger of being removed. The bridge arches seem not to be large enough to handle the water-borne debris in the creek. 

Fox Creek Stone Arch Bridge
Fox Creek bridge

This bridge crosses Fox Creek northwest of Strong City at -96.548453, 38.402227.

The Fox Creek Bridge is a simple, elegant single arch bridge with a capstone tier that gives it a nicely finished look. Unfortunately the creek sides are difficult to traverse, so it is hard to get a good view.

The bridge still carries traffic. It is not the only local crossing over Fox Creek so there is no particular pressure to replace it or modernize it.

Stout Run Stone Arch Bridge
Stout Run bridge
This photograph was taken from the shoulder of highway US50 about 2.5 miles east of Strong City, so you can see it, at -96.490763, 38.406483, is very close. The arch appears to be less than 10 feet in diameter. The balusters appear to have suffered some damage, with some stones knocked out of their position and onto the ground. The road over it looks like a farm lane rather than a public road. You can see clearly the gate that appears to be fitted into the eastern approach.

Silver Creek Stone Arch Bridge

Silver Creek Bridge
This small bridge is a short distance north of the Clements Bridge on a well- traveled road at -96.732723, 38.314806. It nearly excapes notice because it does not have balusters that extend above the road bed, nor any other feature that would suggest stone arch construction to the passerby.

Stone Arch Bridge on Trail to Tall Grass Prairie Preserve

trail bridge
This very small and very dilapidated bridge has the good fortune to be on the trail currently under development from Cottonwood Falls to Strong City to the Tall Grass Prairie Preserve. It is on Preserve-owned land and is scheduled for restoration.
It is very near the Fox Creek bridge (described above) at -96.543729, 38.401487.

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